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We Visit L'anse aux Meadows
Freydis on Friday 25 July 2014 - 11:14:51 | Read/Post Comment: 0

        This summer our family made a voyage to Vinland, and spent almost a full week exploring the historic site of L'anse aux Meadows, the only confirmed Norse settlement in the New World, and the start of the Iron Age in North America when Leif Erikson and his crew smelted bog ore into iron to make replacement rivets for a ship.   

The remains of the sod walls persist in mounds outlining the buildings to this day; nearby, there are reconstructions of several of the buildings, fully equipped, and peopled by costumed re-enactors.

Just down the road is Norstead, another Viking replica settlement, this time of a typical Norse trading village, also peopled with re-enactors. But first, we stopped in at a nearby sod house to don our Norse finery and enjoy a Viking Feast!

Join us in the forums and gallery as we explore!

Our detailed report can be found at:

http://community.bc-freehold.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1527  (Forums\Main Hall\A Vinland Voyage)

And read about Leif's voyages directly in the so-called "Vinland Sagas" ("The Saga of the Greenlanders" and "The Saga of Erik the Red") available at finer book shops and online.

Submitted by Freydis.

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