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2009 Award Presentations
John T Mainer on Monday 20 July 2009 - 18:08:52 | Read/Post Comment: 2
Althing 2009 is over, and our winners by acclimation are in!

Lifetime Achievement award is given to the Heathen whose lifework is deemed to be the most influential and important in the advancement of Heathenry.  This years recipient is Diana Paxson, whose contribution to Heathenry and literature each could have won her the award.  Diana has been an inspiration to us all, so to her we give this award and acknowledgement of her place in our hearts.

Tyrbold award is given to the Heathen who best exemplifies the courage, attention to duty, and leadership of the very best Heathen warriors.  A soldier who has chosen to return again and again to Afghanistan in the service of his folk, Graeme is a living example of the virtues of Tyr.  In acknowledgement of his achievements, we grant him this honour and pride of place amongst our warriors.

Submitted by John T Mainer

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