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Werman's and Wifmen's Guildleaders security checks
Mikhail on Wednesday 17 June 2009 - 01:27:47 | Read/Post Comment: 1
     As promised at last Althing, the Werman's and Wifman's guild leaders have completed their CPIC screening with the RCMP to make sure there are no offenses, including pardoned offenses, present in police files.  The Werman's guild is where men and boys discuss the issues of manhood, while the Wifman's guild is where girls and women discuss the issues of womanhood.  As these two areas represent the mentoring of the youth by the elders of their own gender, these halls must be held to the highest standards of trust and safety.

     While the Freehold is a place that prides itself on the honourable conduct of its members, we are also a family centred group that values the welfare of children and the vulnerable of our community most highly.  When seeking the standards of proof, we used the CPIC that volunteer and professional groups working with children are required to undergo.

      In our service to the community with the Canadian Rangers, Mikhail, Freydis and myself have had to undergo the full CPIC screening for criminal offenses to assure that we are fit to act in positions of responsibility with minor children.  As part of the transparency we strive for here in the Freehold, I have posted my own CPIC in the files section.

Submitted by John T Mainer

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