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Category: 1. Main (6)
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http://www.northvegr.org/lore/main.php Your one-stop heathen lore centre, with online access to an absolutely amazing collection of primary and secondary sources on Germanic belief ... from the Eddas and sagas to to the Anglo-Saxon poems and metrical charms to the multi-volume work of Jacob Grimm and books written by other academics in the field.
Submitted by JMars
1 147
  The Viking Answer Lady
http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/index.shtml An excellent reference site for all historical aspects of daily Viking-era Norse life. Very well researched.
Submitted by Freydis
1 258
  Viking Voyages Video
http://www.pown.it/1454 The Saga of Ulric is a very well-executed cartoon of a Viking voyage, from oceanic troubles with the Midgard serpent to a final toast in Valhalla. Kid-friendly and really cool.
Submitted by Freydis
0 464
  Rune Poems
http://www.northvegr.org/lore/runes/index.php Translations of the rune poems at northvegr.org
Submitted by W.Keith Baldwin
0 302
Asatru/Anglo-Saxon translations of books
http://webpages.charter.net/wildewudu/texts.html Lots of links to Anglo-Saxon-- mostly writings of interest to all, I would guess.
Submitted by Ken
1 171
  Troth Blog
http://thetroth.blogspot.ca/ News and events of importance to Heathens
0 289
Category: 2. Other Organizations (6)
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http://odinist.net/forum/index.php Odinist.net is a forum for Folkish Odinists. We are a Folkish group of Administrators, Moderators and Members. Odinism, also known as Asatru, is the modern expression of the indigenous Folk religion of our Germanic/Northern European ancestors and as such is the natural path for those of Germanic/Northern European descent. We do not believe that Odinism is a universal faith for all and members of this board will respect that view or leave. If you are already a member who no longer wishes to be on the active members list please private message an Admin with a request to have your account deleted and we will do so.
Submitted by John T Mainer
0 1333
The Troth
http://www.thetroth.org/welcome-troth From this wellspring flows our being,
waters clean and clear and wise.
See down deeper in the darkness,
Shining, one of Odin's eyes.

Asatru is a religion rooted in history and relevant for the modern age. Revived after a nearly one-thousand year long sleep, our faith represents an outlook and a way of life whose time has come again.

If truth and honor matter to you, if freedom and responsibility are your friends, Asatru might be for you. If you sense that life as a human being can, and should, be a great and glorious thing, Asatru might be for you. If you love this world and seek to live in it fully, Asatru might be for you.

Would you know more...?
Submitted by John T Mainer
0 308
  Temple of Our Heathen Gods
http://heathengods.com/temple/modules/frontpage/ From art to articles, this site has it all. Check out the library in particular! Online articles, books, cpoies of various translations of the sagas... Really useful resource.
Submitted by Freydis
1 249
  Hurstwic Norse Recreation Group
http://www.valhs.org/index.html Information and research-packed website of the Hurstwic Norse recreation group. Excellent articles on all sorts of things.
Submitted by Freydis
0 888
  Englatheod Bookhorde
http://boards.englatheod.org/viewforum.php?f=32 This link leads to the bookhorde section of the Englatheod forum, where you will find a number of pdf downloads for such books as Culture of the Teutons, Germania, and other primary sources materials.

Check out the larger forum while you are at it, as Englatheod is run by two of the most lorewise brothers in all of modern Germanic heathenry, Swain and Eric Wodening, and has many lorewise contributors.
Submitted by JMars
0 209
American Vinland Association
http://www.freyasfolk.org/ Although "Heathen" is now generally accepted as denoting any non-believer of Judeo-Christian dogma, it originally applied to a specific group of dissenters... those who held to the native religion of Northern Europe. These people had no word for non-believers, since they were tolerant of different faiths, but the early Christian converts needed a
name for those who resisted forced conversion. The most vociferous dissenters were those who lived far from the early urban strongholds of ecclesiastical power, out on the heath lands. Thus the heathen, or dweller on the heath, became the maligned rival of a philosophically insecure religio-political power. Proud of our accomplishment in
remaining close to nature and our Gods and living a life of honor, we enjoy the name Heathen.
Submitted by John T Mainer
0 330
Category: 3. Retailers (4) Comments Referrals
  Grimoire's Books
http://www.grimoiresbooks.com/ Alone among the Pagan Book stores of the Lower Mainland, Grimoirs Books has always striven to give Asatru its rightful place, and has been eager to learn our needs, and respond to them. If Asatru is rightly named the faith that comes with homework, Grimoires Books would be not only be our local library, but hosting our tutorials as well.
2 138
  Tara Hill Designs
http://www.tarahill.com Sells handmade wooden runes, rune kits, talismans, games, pendants, and rune and ogham sticks, and a few books on runes and their use in divination. Also has a good guide to the runes and their meanings available on their website, and info on the properties of various sacred trees.
Submitted by Freydis
6 329
  Ragweed Forge
http://www.ragweedforge.com/VikingMedallions.html These guys have a really nice selection of pendants, including some period-style ones of some of the less-common gods and goddesses, such as Idunna, Braggi, Tyr, and Ing. Each one seems to come in your choice of silver or bronze.
Submitted by Freydis
1 579
  Raymond's Quiet Press
http://www.quietpress.com/index.html THE place to get your Norse (and Saxon) shiny bits. Beautifully cast, researched pieces, and excellent prices. Thor's hammers, apron brooches, buckles, cloak clasps, all sorts of lovely things. Sorted by society of origin for accurate browsing.
Submitted by Freydis
6 241
Category: 4. Other (3) Comments Referrals
  Pagan Symbols Co-opted by Extremists
http://www.adl.org/hate_symbols/Pagan_graphics.asp I support the intent of the site shown in this link, therefore request it be added to our official link list. In the beginning there WERE blanket statements made in regards to any of these symbols, but the site admins responded to our feedback to not lump Heathen use of these symbols with Hate groups. I was impressed.
Submitted by Mikhail
1 168
Viking Scotland
http://www.vikingscotland.com/ There are several links within this site. Some cool carvings which have given me ideas at Thor's Hammer. From the site is lots of info on Viking Scotland, history etc. and crafts etc.
Submitted by Ken
0 235
  Remote Areas Emergency Medicine and Survival
http://www.raems.com/index.html A highly useful site with detailed information on what to do in various emergency situations, especially if help isn't around. Includes medicinal plants and their uses.
Submitted by Freydis
0 463
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