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Best Wishes
John T Mainer on Thursday 30 August 2012 - 19:23:49 | Read/Post Comment: 2

In light of the news of Mr Miller's medical challenges, the Freehold feels compelled to speak.  The Heathen Freehold Society wishes to extend its best wishes to one of our founding members, Dan Ralph Miller, who is facing medical challenges with the aid and support of his family.  Our prayers are with Mr Miller and his family through this trying time.

A long-time advocate and organizer in the Heathen community, Mr Miller was active supporting not only Freehold events, but also contributing to local mulit-ifaith events like Pagan Pride.  The Freehold and Mr Miller are no longer associated, but in memory of our long history together wish him and his family the best, and hope to see him healthy enough to again become an active contributor in the many communities that make up Canadian Heathenry.

Submitted by John T Mainer


Mikhail 06 Sep 12 : 06:18
The medical discovery of his degenerative neurological condition sheds light on past behaviours that seemed impossible to understand or attribute to the man we thought we knew. In light of this the public thread discussing of his actions and warning others of his behaviour have been removed.

It is harder to hold someone responsible for their actions when they have been so afflicted.

May he get the help he needs to return to the man we knew.

[ edited 06 Sep 12 : 06:24 ]
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