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Tyrbold Award
John T Mainer on Thursday 29 September 2011 - 22:58:20 | Read/Post Comment: 0

When US Sgt Patrick Stewart was killed in action in Afghanistan when his Chinook helicopter was shot down, his wife Roberta applied to have the pentacle put upon his gravestone.  When the US Army refused to allow the symbol of his faith in life to be placed upon his gravestone, Roberta Stewart chose to fight for the valiant dead, both her own husband, and all of those who fought and died for the right to worship and be honoured as we choose. 

In this battle, though she fought for the pentacle, it is as much for those who wear the hammer as the pentacle.  In fighting for the rights of those whose oaths of service bind them from protest, she embodies the spirit not just of the noble defender, but the justice seeker.  Truly, she who defends the defenders is deserving of our praise.
Hail Roberta Stewart, Tyrbold winner of 2010.
Submitted by John T Mainer

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